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Analytics for your influencer driven campaigns

Influencer marketing performance tracking tool for Brands & Agencies that run regular campaigns and wish to track key stats in one place.

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How Influble Works

Get intuitive data around your campaigns

The traditional approach involved manually checking to see if the influencer posted, tracking likes & comments after the post is live, requesting screenshots of stats from the influencer, recording data in a spreadsheet and re-requesting stats from Influencers to get updated data.

With Influble Analytics, you get an all-in-one system.

Influble Campaign
Create a campaign

Define your campaign & some key parameters

Running multiple campaigns for different brands isn't an issue. Create multiple brands under which you can add campaigns to get sorted and segregated data.

Add Influencers

Invite your influencers to connect

Request your Influencers to connect their business account to the Influble system and map them to the campaign that you created.

Influble Add Influencers
Influble Influencer Marketing Performance Tracking
Track Performance

Summarized view of all influencers performance on the campaign

That's it! Once the influencer posts, you get key & collated stats around your campaign

Influble Features

Elements that are crucial for a perfect influencer marketing performance tracking tool

While running influencer marketing campaigns ourselves, we understood the things that are crucial to get the right set of data for a better analysis.

Influencer - One time connect

You need to get influencers connected to Influble once to add them to multiple campaigns

Automated Data Pull

Campaign data refreshes every 3 mins per influencer progressively

Segregated Data

Get segregated data under each brand and campaign. Sort campaigns specific to a brand

Sort by Key Stats

Sort influencer by their impressions, reach, engagement, likes & comments

Track All

Track live, deleted as well as archived post and stories

Export Campaign Data

Export campaign related data conveniently in PDF & Excel


Graphical interface of total impressions, reach, likes, comments & engagement of the latest 5 campaigns.
Get a glance of the top influencer performers right from the Dashboard
Along with detailed stats of the latest 3 current campaigns
Get answers

Frequently Asked Questions

We've listed down the answers to the most common questions that we came across while talking to clients. If there's still a few things left unanswered, initiate a chat with us from the widget on the left hand bottom of the screen.

Yes, you could request a demo by filling out a few details about your brand/agency and our technical rep would get in touch with you to give you a thorough walkthrough of the Influble system.

Yes, as per policy, we do provide a free trial of 1 campaign. During the demo, you would be required to choose a base plan and our technical rep would help set up a trial account.

In case you do not run regular influencer marketing campaigns, you can choose our pay-as-you-go model, where you can buy as many campaign credits as you require.

No. The default campaign count resets at the end of every monthly billing cycle. The unused campaign credits get reset. However, add-on campaigns have a validity of 1 year and get consumed when you exhaust your default campaigns in a billing cycle.

As of now, Influble only supports Instagram. Your influencers that you work with would need to have an Instagram Business Account connected to their Facebook Account. Don’t worry, most of them already do.

As per your base plan, we have 24×7 phone & chat support. Additionally, we have premium email ticket based support across all plans.

Customized Pricing →

Whether a startup, a sizeable brand or a full-blown marketing agency, we've got plans to suit all. For the rest, we've got a pay-as-you-go plan too.

About the Company →

We just didn't build Influble overnight. We've executed campaigns for some top brands over these years. In fact we still do, and use Influble ourselves to track progress.

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