Cancellation/Refund Policy

Downgrading a Plan

Downgrades are only applicable in the subsequent billing cycle, and can be done by sending an email from the registered email ID to Any pending balances or prorated amounts will not be refunded. All plans have to be on the same billing cycle, and when plans are changed during a billing cycle, your billed amount for the month will be prorated. Please note that annual plans can only be changed to a monthly plan 30 days prior to expiry.


You can cancel your subscription before the next renewal date by sending an email from the registered email ID to You can resume your subscription later, with the same plan. All credits, campaigns and other points part of the plan needs to be consumed during the active cycle.


30 day free trial is provided to all accounts. In the event where you have subscribed to a plan by making a payment and are on the free trial duration, a complete refund can be claimed incase you do not wish to proceed during the free trial period. No reason whatsoever is required to request a refund during the free trial period. A eligible refund can be claimed by sending an email to

Post 30 days trial period, you can opt for downgrading or cancellation of your account.

In the event where you have chosen a yearly subscription, you can request cancellation & refund with atleast 1 month or more remaining on your subscription duration. In this case, a 1 month subscription fee would be charged as penalty and the balance completely refunded to you.

All approved refunds are processed within 30 – 45 days.